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Clean bathroom from our bathtub restoration experts in Toms River, NJ.

Repair a Bathtub in Toms River, NJ

At Coast Bath Resurfacing, LLC, we can help you make your bathroom look bright and attractive. When we repair a bathtub in Toms River, NJ, it will look better than new without the cost of purchasing and installing an expensive replacement unit. It is much simpler and quicker to restore than locating and buying a new product.

The Three R’s

You can rely on us to handle the three R’s as we offer services to repair, restore, and resurface your bathtub. We can easily fix scratches and restore a surface to its original luster. Once we finish our work, you won’t be able to identify the repaired area as it will blend in perfectly. If your tub or shower has stubborn stains, we also provide cleaning and coating. Our extensive services include working on:

  • Bathtubs
  • Wall Tiles
  • Farm Sinks
  • Shower Pans
  • Most Porcelain
  • Pedestal Sinks
  • Acrylic Surfaces
  • Vinyl Window Frames
  • Fiberglass Surfaces
  • Cultured Marble Surfaces
  • Fiberglass One-Piece Tub and Wall Units
  • Fiberglass One-Piece Unit With Ceiling
  • Interior Antique Claw Foot Tubs (On-Site Only)
  • Stripping off Previously Applied Finish Work

Contact us today so we can restore your tub or shower enclosure while saving you money at the same time.