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Clean bathroom from our bathtub restoration experts in Toms River, NJ.

Professional Quality Resurfacing and Tub Repair in Toms River, NJ

Is your tub old and worn out and impossible to keep clean? Does it act like a sponge absorbing soap, body oils, and dirt? You deserve better, and we can help. With nearly 40 years of experience and expertise in tub repair in Toms River, NJ, we can restore your bathtub to its original luster and shine without the excessive cost of replacement. We specialize in the chip, crack, and hole repair on all types of bathtubs, including fiberglass, cast iron, acrylic, and porcelain. We also specialize in complete bathtub resurfacing and tub coating services that can perfectly match any standard or custom color you have. 

We Can Resurface or Repair:

  • Bathtubs
  • Wall Tiles
  • Most Porcelain
  • Acrylic Surfaces
  • Fiberglass Surfaces
  • Cultured Marble Surfaces
  • Pedestal Sinks
  • Farm Sinks
  • Fiberglass One-Piece Tub & Wall Units
  • Fiberglass One-Piece Unit With Ceiling
  • Shower Pans
  • Interior Antique Claw Foot Tubs (On-site Only)
  • Full Antique Claw Foot Tub Restoration (Done In Our Shop)
  • Stripping Of Previously Applied Finish Work
  • Vinyl Window Frames

Patented Finish

Whether we are repairing or restoring your bathtubs or showers, we use a patented finish process engineered explicitly for bathtub resurfacing, creating a polished new look. We offer a full warranty when you hire us to refinish your fiberglass bathtub, or for long-lasting, high-quality finishes. We serve residential and commercial clients.